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Unleash the Power of Marketing

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We have individually worked in consultancy, marketing and professional formation.

We strongly believe in shared knowledge and in value of network.

We trust innovation and technology.

Our job is our greatest passion.


Federico Viganò
Federico ViganòFounder
Davide Baldi
Davide BaldiFounder
Davide Zucchetti
Davide ZucchettiFounder


Lorenzo Rigatti
Lorenzo RigattiBlockchain Manager
Marco Barchetti
Marco BarchettiMarketing Specialist
Simone Truglia
Simone TrugliaGrowth Engineer


Personal Branding  / Brand Positioning

Reputation is the only currency that maintains its value even during crises and allows to optimize marketing costs in the long run.

Whether you are talking about Brands or People, online reputation is priceless, and it’s the best investment you can think of if you want to stand out from the crowd and position yourself on your audience.

Reputation has no limits, it ranges from online to offline.
What our companies or ourselves communicate during an event or on social media remains available to the public and helps to create our true value.

Building this reputation, strategically thinking about every message and every channel is our job.

We know that we are handling with something very dear to you in personal and professional context, that’s why we treat it with the utmost care and professionalism. Our reputation depends on it.

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Companies are studying the potential of Blockchain technology to revolutionise their sector through new business models.

An unstoppable development process is underway.
With Blockchain technology, we have the opportunity to carry out financial transactions independently, with more reliability than a bank can ever have.

That’s why thousands of companies around the world are already working on their token, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies as tools to revolutionise their business.

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Technology applied to the financial sectors has seen a great development impulse, driven by the needs of users and companies to be able to make more easier and flexible the relationship with payments and money.

Banks, financial assets, real estate, there are many sectors in which companies developed fintech platforms to facilitate their business model.

Personal Branding and Brand Positioning

We live in the era where personal branding is a vehicle to communicate also companies’ authority. Collaborators, managers and employees become the best ambassadors that a company may wish.

Creating and positioning a brand thanks to innovative digital tools become increasingly important for a company that has to grow or consolidate its position on the market.

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Blockchain Token strategy

Lead Generation

Referral Programs

Linkedin Growth Boost

Facebook Messenger Customer Engagement Strategy

Whatsapp Customer Engagement Strategy

Community Management


Media Planning

Fundraising Events

Personal Branding

Brand Positioning

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Marketing is our profession, improvisation doesn’t win and we don’t like to start a project without a plan.
We study customers’ projects and wishes on a case-by-case basis and we create the most appropriate strategy for both budgets and objectives in a personalized way.
We do not limit ourselves to our single task but we always give something more to the customer, we apply a pragmatic approach that can shorten the time required to achieve results.
The objectives of our customers becomes ours.

In our career we have helped dozens of companies to plan, develop and implement marketing strategies and brand positioning in different sectors:

Brand Positioning

  • Personal branding for entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Launch of products or services
  • Creating online communities
  • Development of new markets thanks to digital tools
  • Social listening


  • Crypto exchanges and wallets
  • Traceability and supply chain
  • Health and wellness
  • Online Casinos and Betting
  • Media platforms
  • Real Estate and investments


  • Recruiting for financial advisors
  • Digital platforms for crowdfunding and Lending
  • Online payment systems
  • Community of investors
  • Proptech

Our experience is the gasoline necessary for your project!

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