Chat Bot e Message Automation

Messenger Automation 

Automation management on Facebook Messenger through the creation of bots that will follow the user path throughout the entire customer journey.

We develop bots with different purposes:

  • direct marketing actions with specific messages to obtain precise and measurable actions
  • fully automated assistance to guide the user through a defined FAQ funnel and with the possibility of ‘calling’ a human operator for questions not listed
  • messages for brand positioning and awareness (Broadcast)
  • messages aimed at managing specific events such as ads campaigns + landing page linking to the bot for information on the event, services or products.

WhatsApp Business Messaging

By exploiting the programming editing potential that WhatsApp business makes available, we can act exactly as in the case of Messenger Automation.

You can create customized marketing strategies by connecting the messaging platform to Facebook Ads, giving you the ability to create campaigns with a “message on WhatsApp” objective and moving the interaction between company and customer to the one to one level.

The most frequent cases of use:

  • give direct assistance to the customer on a product or service
  • follow the user during the sales process and finalize the purchase
  • build user loyalty to the Brand¬†