Crypto Advertising: How to boost Your Crypto Project

Aug 9, 2022

Why is the use of sponsored content crucial? And how to structure a good strategy to maximize the best use of Crypto Paid Advertising? Let’s find out together how to use it to the best to grow your blockchain project.

In a previous blog post on
how to create an effective strategy on Crypto Social Media Marketing, it was mentioned that in 2022, more than half of the population was present on all Social Media platforms.

Important numbers if we also think that the time we spend in front of the phone and the PC per day has grown and amounts to about 3 hours, indicators that suggest that if we want to start advertising a crypto project, in our marketing strategy can not miss the use of paid advertising strategies on social and search engines!

Crypto Paid Advertising: why use it and the advantages

Let’s start with a precision: the use of paid campaigns, both for social and search engines, does not mean to stop working on organic results and on the optimization of its content

What does that mean?

That social media is basically emotional, that is, that the content you post and that you decide to advertise to make your project known or grow still need images, videos or text that attract the attention of your potential customers and arouse in them a reaction.

Same thing also for the advertising content on search engines, whether they are banners or other types of advertising, must still transmit something to users to give them a reason to click on it or to carry out any other action etc.

The Crypto Paid Advertising provides you with all the tools to understand immediately what works or not, being much faster and more, helps you target your audience as much as possible through a keyword, demographic location, interests or whatever, and this helps you save time and even money.

Crypto Paid Advertising or Organic Strategy?

To promote a content or a new project, we must first make a distinction between organic strategy and paid advertising.

With the organic strategy we mean the set of actions aimed at promoting or making something known to the public without the use of paid advertising campaigns, with the basis then the algorithm of each platform that will decide whether to give us more or less visibility (which is currently shrinking more and more)

With the use of crypto paid advertising, instead, we go to use advertising tools prepared by various social media to reach a targeted and fast, more precise target, ideal for our crypto project.

A good advertising campaign should also be planned and aligned with a project roadmap so that it can follow and accelerate the flow of growth for example in the pre-sale or other pivotal moments of the project.

Social media and search engines: requirements and criteria

Social media, as mentioned above, is a great place to use paid advertising strategies, since most people are registered on these platforms, but also because social media allows you to select the audience to reach based on age, interests, location etc..

A detail to keep in mind for paid advertising of crypto projects and that social media platforms have their own rules and regulations to enforce, but still allow some room for maneuver.

In fact social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter to advertise a crypto project, currently adopt a policy in which they require some criteria of eligibility and authenticity of the project, assessed these requirements, then you can start with the advertising of the content. 

For search engines, Google (through Google Ads, which has changed its rules on financial products) now allows the advertising of certain crypto content, always obviously respecting some initial requirements.

In order to meet these requirements, it is essential to maintain direct contact with social platforms and to meet many eligibility criteria.

Only specialized agencies accredited to these platforms, have a direct communication channel with them and can carry out Crypto advertising campaigns in total serenity without incurring any ban, blockages or bans of social platforms.

​​In this case, relying on professionals specialized in the Crypto world allows you to be able to measure and interpret with criterion the results obtained so as to have the opportunity to improve more and more the overall strategy applied.

So to realize Crypto advertising campaigns it is essential not to improvise. It is necessary to turn to agencies specialized in the growth of crypto, and non-traditional projects.

Crypto Advertising: how to boost your project (plus a gift for you!)

We’ve seen that for the growth of your crypto project, the use of paid advertising tools on social media and search engines can be crucial to reaching your potential customers in less time.

With these tools, you have the ability to target your audience and reach most of the people registered on social networks, helping you save time and money.

iBooster is the ideal marketing agency to help you make the most of the potential of these tools to generate new contacts and better position your brand, helping you from the analysis and development of the project to the creation of strategies and target campaigns for social media, all with cost optimization.


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