Crypto-friendly: 5 countries in which to start a crypto business

Nov 9, 2022

Today around the world more and more countries have become Crypto-friendly, recognizing transactions through cryptocurrencies and even shaping their economy around them, but let’s see what are the 5 best countries in which to build a crypto project.


The rapid spread in recent years of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, has meant that most of the world’s countries changed their opinion on the use of cryptos, considered until then a way to launder money.


Crypto-friendly countries: why did these nations decide to open up to cryptocurrencies?


Without a doubt the Blockchain and Crypto universe is one of the sectors to date with the greatest possibility of investing and earning.


Many countries (including the 5 that we will see later) have guessed that the spread of this new market could be the turning point to attract new investors and capital to their country to give a boost to their economy.


Even if we look at last year’s Global Crypto Adoption Index report, we discover that of the countries that have opened up to the Blockchain world, over 90% are developing economies.


This means that these nations, not having a strong economy in other sectors, have decided to invest in this sector through facilitations and laws to attract investors and create a new economy.


Top 5 Crypto-friendly Countries to Realize a Crypto Project


There are plenty of countries that are considered great for starting a crypto project, for example:

  • Switzerland

Considered one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, Switzerland is home to some of the largest banking institutions in the world such as Maerki Baumann and SEBA, which offer crypto services and in addition, this nation’s tax laws are perfect for launching a crypto project, whereas it does not levy any income tax on cryptocurrencies.

  • Portugal

Country that immediately showed interest in the latest technologies, including of course cryptocurrencies (also exempt), Portugal has drawn up a digital transition plan already in April 2020, aiming to improve digital innovation and the digital transformation of the country’s economy.

  • Malta

Although one of the smallest countries in the European Union, Malta is one of the leaders in the spread of digital currency in Europe, thanks to their progressive approach to digital resources and with a legislative package designed to create an ecosystem in which the blockchain and crypto industry could operate and grow.

  • Singapore

One of the most crypto-friendly countries in Asia, Singapore is the most famous fintech hotspot in the East, with monetary authority having progressive plans for the cryptocurrency industry, combined with security measures to protect it from money laundering and other criminal activities.

  • El Salvador

The Central American nation was the first to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, with the aim of transforming its digital economy by attracting investors and companies to its country.


Only the country doesn’t count for the success of your project


We have seen how many nations are in favor, both from a legislative and economic point of view, of launching a crypto project.


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From the study of the customer and the market to the identification of possible competitors: these are all fundamental analyses to ensure that your project acquires more and more authority on the market.


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