Crypto marketing: how to launch your project

Jul 5, 2022

Why Having a Marketing Strategy Is Critical to Growing Your Crypto Business and from where to start to create a successful promotional Campaign (plus a gift for you, indeed 2!)


$67.4 billion by 2026.
This is expected to be the crypto market capitalization according to a report published by MARKETSANDMARKETS. Capitalization in 2021 reached about 4.9 billion dollars.
But despite this organic growth, many new projects fail to stay afloat in the market due to an absent or completely wrong marketing strategy.


Crypto marketing: from where to start?

Without a doubt the Blockchain and Crypto universe is today one of the sectors in the world with the most opportunities to invest and earn, but also with the possibility of launching their own project.

When you want to launch this type of project, one of the key areas to promote a product or service is marketing.

Marketing is a set of planned activities, ranging from the study of the customer and the market to the identification of possible competitors, aimed at achieving the goal of our project or company, precisely to satisfy the end customer.

For this reason, if you have just entered the realm of blockchain or if you want to grow within this market, you should take advantages of marketing.

An optimized marketing strategy can allow your project to start successfully and grow to a solid, long-term market position.

This is achieved by creating a real promotional campaign and specifically a Crypto marketing strategy.


Why is it important to have a Crypto marketing strategy?

A Crypto marketing strategy also covers traditional marketing areas such as content marketing, social media and email marketing. 

The main difference is that you are creating a project aimed at the blockchain industry and crypto activities, targeting a certain type of end customers who depend on data-based information.

No matter if you’re creating a new cryptocurrency or offering blockchain-as-a-service solutions to B2B customers, potential investors, buyers and traders will rely on in-depth research to make purchase decisions.  

To effectively promote blockchain projects, a crypto marketing strategy requires a deep analysis and understanding of the buying process of your final audience.


You need to provide in-depth and valuable content on your blockchain or crypto project that will attract your potential customers.

Since most of your target market are blockchain industry experts, generic marketing strategies are not good. Rather, you need to elevate your marketing efforts and create content experiences that deliver the right information at the right time.

More importantly, you need to take advantage of the industry’s most widely used platforms from your potential customers and investors that you use and, crucially, they need to trust you.


The importance of focusing on reputation management

Your reputation is critical to the success of your Crypto marketing strategy. 

If you want people to invest their money and take the time to figure out what your project is about, they need to know that they are in good hands. 

For any project in any industry, you need to ensure that your presence on social media platforms and your website is authoritative, providing enough information about your team and your results.

The same applies if you’re looking to promote your blockchain-based project. 

A good strategy is to put together all the reviews and testimonials, such as those that your users have written on social media or the news and press release articles published on other websites.

This way you will have an extra weapon to use for the spread of your project. 


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