Crypto Social Media Marketing: How to Create an Effective Strategy for Your Project

Jul 27, 2022

Why today social media are crucial for the launch of a Crypto project?
And how to structure a good content and communication strategy?

Let’s discover together the advantages, the best strategy and the ideal social media on which to grow your Crypto business.    


More than half of the population is on Social Media.

To be precise, according to the latest photograph taken by the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, there are 4.62 billion people (or rather users) on all Social Media platforms, triple if we think of the 1.48 billion in 2012.

Numbers that will obviously be growing more and more and that, in the case of the launch of your Crypto or Blockchain project, tell us clearly that in our Marketing strategy, you can’t miss a strategy for social content!


The benefits of creating a social content strategy

Creating a social content publishing strategy to better publicize our Crypto or Blockchain project is crucial.

This is because in addition to allowing us to follow a well-defined strategy instead of publishing without logic, it allows us to work on the quality of the published content and attract the attention of our potential customers.

Aided also by the recent pandemic, according to a recent report people spend on average 2 hours and 27 minutes a day on social media, time constantly increasing according to future forecasts.

Data that obviously indicate that, in addition to reaffirming the importance of having a social presence, useful for finding new customers, people spend more and more time on social media, and the creation of captivating content that attracts their attention is essential.


Crypto Social Media Marketing: How to Create an Effective Strategy 

To better promote our Crypto project we need to make a careful analysis and understanding of the social platforms on which we want to spread our project.

Specifically, you need to:

  • Identify your own objectives
    First of all, we need to understand what we want to use social media for, if only to find new customers or also to grow the awareness and authority of your project and to create a community.


  • Choosing the Social Media
    Logically, we have to choose which social media to focus on and, being at the beginning of the advertisement of your Crypto project, you can decide to dedicate yourself only to certain platforms instead of trying to be at the same time on all (continue reading to know which social media to choose).


  • Develop a content publishing program
    As mentioned above, you have to plan in advance the publication of the content, even if we talk about a simple text or image, because this gives you the opportunity to start attracting audiences to your project and test their tastes.


  • Evaluating the use of paid advertising
    In the case of more availability of finances, you can evaluate the use of advertising, to try to reach a wider audience in a shorter time, with the possibility with some Social Media to best hit the target we decide to choose.


Social Media Ideal for Crypto Social Media Marketing

Earlier we talked about how crucial it is to create a strategy to publicize our Crypto project and its contents.

Obviously in the world there are many Social Media, but only some of them are suitable for spreading Crypto or Blockchain content, such as:

  • Twitter
    Platform founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey,  In recent years industry studies have shown that creating a positive feeling about a Crypto project increases the trust and value of it. Bitcoin and other similar realities are examples.


  • Medium
    Born in 2012, Medium is a perfect tool to advertise your project and provide news to your audience. Unlike Twitter, Medium has no character limits and gives you the ability to write a full article, but you can use both by posting a tweet with the link to the Medium article, leading your audience to read the full article.


  • Telegram
    When you put on a Crypto project, you can think about using Telegram to create a communication channel in which to create a relationship with your audience, publish news, organize events and answer questions from your audience.


  • Reddit
    Platform born in 2005, with Reddit however you can not only promote your project, because users would know that you joined only to advertise, so you’ll want to involve in advance the ongoing discussions and then open your subreddit with the project name.


Crypto Social Media Marketing: Take advantage of a gift for yourself!

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