Digital Business Strategy

6 reasons to digitize your business model.

Due to the Covid emergency, many companies are facing crises related to the difficulty of reorganizing their way of operating.

Thinking of a plan B for your business we believe it is the occupation of many professionals and entrepreneurs in this period of crisis.

We know that to do business in 2021 you must be present online and master marketing tools that take you where your customers are and that intercept their needs.

Digitizing the business model of activity means finding a way to move some parts of company operations to the web that were carried out differently before Covid-19.

What are the activities that you can immediately move on the web? From communication to sales to training.

There are many vital areas of a company where it is possible to integrate a digital work model.

If you are thinking about the right and fastest one to apply to your business, book a 60-minute call with one of our specialists.

Only those who are organizing themselves now will have a better chance of succeeding later.

The time has come to pull out your claws and plan the recovery and future of your company!

Let’s see immediately the 6 concrete reasons why it is important to digitize your business model.

01. Personal/Company networking

Expand your company’s network of contacts to find new allies with whom to enter into business partnership agreements. Often, valid collaborations can arise between companies and professionals operating in different sectors, both from a commercial and an operational point of view.

03. Test new strategies

If until January you never needed to innovate in your way of doing business, now is the time to do it. If you’ve never sold online, now is the time to figure out how many customers would be willing to do so. If you’ve never interacted directly with them via social media then this is the time to do it.

05. Customer care with ChatBot

Automate the processes that keep your customers loyal to your company with ChatBots. It facilitates their purchasing process by bringing them to the products that best suit their needs. Manage their support requests quickly and on time.

02. Implement new business models

Studying a new operating model, looking for new customers to satisfy is an excellent strategy that digital can support both from the initial stages of identifying people’s needs, up to the final implementation of the project and the beginning of the test phase. As radical as it is, if a change is beneficial, it should leave no stone unturned.

04. Sponsorship campaigns

You can’t wait for a customer to stumble upon your site. Clearly define who your “typical” customers are and plan sponsorship campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Linkedin to increase traffic and sales.

06. Lead generation

Do not make cold calls, they have now had their time, do not contact off-target customers, use advanced tools and a targeted strategy to create new potential customers for your business, taking care only of the sales part, and increasing the percentage of sales in a way systematic.

As you can see, many aspects can be digitized for your business, doing it quickly makes all the difference.

The iBooster team actively supports entrepreneurs and professionals in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Asia, Italy, and France by structuring sales, communication, and brand positioning processes capable of creating value in a short time. The rapidity of action and technical competence that distinguishes us make us a reliable partner for our customers.

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