The NFT Influencer Marketing for Your Crypto Project

Sep 14, 2022

What is NFT influencer marketing and why can it be crucial? 

Let’s find out what it is and what are the advantages of adopting this powerful strategy to grow your crypto project through social media.


NFT influencer marketing: what is it?


With the rise and spread of social platforms, a completely new profession has developed, that of Influencers, that is, people followed on social platforms by a wide community of followers.


Influencers can direct their audience to take a certain action such as buying a product or service, and each of them specializes in a certain area to become its spokesperson, such as in the Crypto world, a sector that interests us particularly if you intend to promote a project in this industry.


In general, influencer marketing is a strategy in which, to promote a product, a company or a project, influential faces or people of social networks are used, in order to reach a wide audience.


In recent years, with the exponential growth of the blockchain and crypto world, this technique has been very successful even in the blockchain universe, with the NFT influencer marketing.


For the growth of your crypto project, this strategy is crucial, because by addressing one or more influencers in the blockchain industry, you would reach a large audience in the short term to be converted into customers.


NFT influencer marketing: why adopt this strategy? 


Adopting this strategy can be a great start for you if you want to grow your crypto project or blockchain on social media, as you would benefit from many advantages, such as:


  • Authenticity: through NFT influencer marketing you give more credibility and authority to your project, since followers who follow a given influencer trust what it says;


  • Education: influencers, through their propaganda could “educate” their audience to the values that are the basis of your project;


  • Awareness: the audience that follows certain followers would know almost instantly your project, being social media a very fast means to disseminate content;


  • Expansion of the customer base: to be an “influencer” you still need to be followed by a wide base of followers, who could all be converted into potential customers.


NFT influencer marketing: how to choose the right influencer?


As mentioned above, for a new crypto or blockchain project, collaborating with influencers in the industry can be a great strategy and bring many advantages, such as the ability to reach potential customers in the shortest possible time.


To choose the right influencer for your project, you must first:


  • Do a research: the first things to do to grow your crypto project are to find influencers who talk and deal with the blockchain world and, later, understand what are the platforms where they disseminate this content, because that’s where we’ll find our potential clients.


  • Social listening: very important for our project, it helps us to understand what are the discussions that take place on social media on the issues that concern us.


  • Determine your budget: the advice before choosing the right influencer is to first establish the budget you intend to invest, because obviously each influencer has its own rates.


To choose the right influencer, if you don’t want to look for it yourself and if you want to save time, another option is to contact an industry marketing agency, which has the right resources and tools to do so.


NFT influencer marketing: a gift to make your Crypto project take off!


Marketing agencies, in addition to helping you find the right influencers for your crypto project, can follow and advise you best for the development of your crypto project. 


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