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10 reasons why you need to do online webinars.

If you are not online with your business today, you may find yourself out of business tomorrow.

Doing business in 2020 means being present online and having marketing tools that meet your customers.

“Going to meet” precisely, because one of the biggest mistakes you can make by bringing your business online is to consider your customers only as numbers: remember, they are people and they need a personal relationship, they need to see you and know that they can trust you.

What you once could do in your store, in person with a single customer, today you can do it online with hundreds of customers.

That’s why organizing online webinars is essential to optimize your online presence, promote your business, and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

But first, let’s see what a webinar is.

A webinar is an online event, it is an occasion in which several people meet via the internet, through a platform or software, at the same time to discuss a certain topic: who presents or leads the event can use different online tools, showing slides, videos, comparing live with the other participants, both in writing and verbally, all using only PC and internet connection.

Without getting into technicalities, let’s immediately see the 10 concrete reasons why you need to do online webinars.

01. Personal/Company branding

Your contacts will begin to trust you only when they see the human being behind the advertisements, the blog, and the information. With 45 minutes of free webinar present content and present yourself too, making you see smiling and trustworthy on webcam.

03. Content of value

The level of information and content that you can convey in a 45/60 minute webinar is enormous and malleable. The more you show yourself as an expert in the sector in which you propose yourself, the more your leads will be more likely to rely on you in the future

05. Clickable live CTA 

You can interactively redirect users while live to perform actions: leave data, register, complete a purchase…

07. Become a fixture

With a limited number of resources (microphone, webcam, dedicated software) you can create a real schedule to be divided over time. The advantage? Retain the public, get used to your presence, become a stable meeting in the media diet. These pros are priceless in terms of advertising for their name.

09. Lead nurturing via email

One of the most important steps in certain sales funnels: engaging contacts who have subscribed to your email list. You can do lead generation in different ways, for example by pushing the download of an e-book or by creating specific sponsorships. But once you have acquired the contacts, what do you do? You have to feed them with specific, interesting, and goal-directed content: bring the contact to the final part of the funnel. This is why it is necessary to focus on lead nurturing, a process that allows you to feed the interest of the public with increasingly interesting content. Among these, you can include reserved access to a webinar organized specifically for a specific audience.

02. Lead di qualità

Those who decide to sign up and participate in a webinar, despite being free, show a much higher level of interest in you and the topic you are dealing with than those who download, for example, a pdf guide: you get quality leads that will be easier to convert in customers.

04. Live interaction with the audience

Thanks to the chat on the webinar platform you can stimulate people to leave you questions and feedback in real-time: in this way, you will not be the only one to bring value, but your leads will take care of generating new content.

06. Multiple lead magnets in one

Once the live broadcast is over, you can use the webinar to create additional content.

08. Advertise an event

The webinar can be an interesting weapon to give visibility to something different. Maybe at an offline event or a convention. Often the path followed is this: many small online appointments, and free, become tools to push a bigger one. For a fee. Of course, in this setting you can play as you like, inviting guests, setting up question and answer sessions, or answering questions from the audience. The concrete privilege of the webinar is precisely this: it goes beyond the defined limits of the article.

10. Integrated and complete service

Everything, from tracking to the funnel of both reminder and follow-up, from sales to replay, can be tracked within the platform so as not to lose any information and to adapt marketing actions to user behavior.

As you may have understood, webinars are a fundamental tool for your business, and organizing these events professionally makes all the difference.

We at iBooster have organized more than 60 webinars in the last two years and these have generated a total turnover of over 870,000 euros for our customers. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to go live or miss out on this huge market opportunity.

But know, and we say it with the experience of these two years, that going live with a webinar or not is exactly like choosing whether to have new customers or not.

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