What you need to know about Web3 Influencer Marketing

Oct 4, 2022

What is Web3 influencer marketing? What are the advantages of using it for the growth of a blockchain or crypto project? Let’s find out together what it is and how to integrate this tool into a useful strategy to make your project take off and grow. 


Web3 influencer marketing: What is it?


In recent years the word Web3 has been increasingly present in the common language, especially for those who are passionate about the blockchain industry and for those who now want to launch and promote a Crypto project.


A new concept linked to the decentralization of user-managed networks and new technologies such as metaverse, NFT, artificial intelligence, defi and of course blockchain.


This technology is joined by the development of a completely new profession, such as influencers, people followed by a large community of followers on all social platforms.


With the use of influencer marketing you can apply this strategy in the world of web3 and blockchain, using the faces of influencers to promote crypto projects. We are particularly interested in whether we are going to launch or promote a project in the blockchain universe.


Web3 influencer marketing: Why do you have to use it? 


To launch your own Crypto or Blockchain project, among the various strategies that will need to be adopted to grow as soon as possible, it could be fundamental to have the Influencer Web3.


With the exponential growth of the Blockchain universe, many people, as in other areas, have specialized in this matter to become influencers and spokespersons, creating an important value in their communication to influence their followers.


Antonio Pompliano, Gary Vaynerchuk and Benjamin Cowen are just some of the names among the thousands of most respected and influential influencers in the world Blockchain and Web3 active on various social platforms with channels and podcasts followed by millions of people.


The influencers of web3 are a powerful communication and marketing tool, the perfect bridge that unites the public and the brands of the crypto or blockchain universe, thanks to their authority, credibility and obviously education and preparation in the topics.


Web3 influencer marketing: how to choose the right influencer?


Choosing independently the influencer that will become the face of your project could be an option but you could make errors of assessment: consider any image damage that you might have in combining your brand with an influencer that, in the medium/ long term does not enjoy excellent reputation.


Of course, to avoid this problem you could only bet on the top 5 influencers in this sector. But this could involve spending too much on this channel.


For this reason, you may want to wisely consider joining an experienced marketing agency specialized in this area. This way you can focus on developing other areas of the project.


There are plenty of influencer agencies focused on helping and growing brands that want to launch their own content or projects, but very few are specialized in the world of web3 and crypto, and really collaborate with the most influential influencers across the blockchain landscape.


To choose the right influencer to use for the promotion or launch of your Crypto or Blokchain project, you will then have to rely on a marketing agency experienced in the Crypto and Blockchain sector.


An agency that focuses on marketing strategies for the development of the project: from communication on social media, advertising and strategic marketing. And that you collaborate with the best Web3 influencer marketing for the image and reputation of the crypto project.


Web3 influencer marketing: For you, a surprise to get your crypto project off the ground! 


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