Why Leverage SEO to Promote Crypto Projects

Dec 13, 2022

How do you use SEO to promote a Crypto project? And why use this technique to generate traffic through a business blog? Let’s find out together how this method can prove useful to take off and bring success to your Crypto project.


SEO: what is it?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of activities that aim to improve the positioning on search engines of information or content on a website, thus increasing the visibility in the results on the search engine results page (SERP).


Even in the Crypto industry, as in general, improving positioning and getting noticed on search engines is becoming an increasingly difficult task.


This is because search engines in recent years are using more and more sophisticated basic algorithms, now able to scan and interpret the meaning of a blog article and associate it with specific search keywords.


The purpose of a search engine is to provide users with access to the information they are looking for in the most timely manner possible and this is where search engine optimization comes into play, SEO, one of the most fundamental techniques to better understand search engine algorithms.


Why Use SEO to Promote Your Crypto Project


The SEO for a Crypto project can prove to be a fundamental strategy for the development of the project itself, because the use of this technique (such as for example for a company Blog related to your startup), can make it take the right momentum.


But how does this strategy help us?


First, the use of SEO techniques allows our Crypto project to appear among the first results in research, since according to a recent survey, 54% of users, mainly click on the first three results.


Secondly, SEO (linked to the creation of valuable content for a company blog) helps build authority and awareness in the market, giving a serious and reassuring image in the eyes of users.  


Finally, increase the organic search, that is those users who find “naturally” your site or your project (therefore without the use of paid tools).


The use of SEO, therefore, brings a better positioning of your project on search engines, generating more and more “traffic” of users on your site that view your project and increasing the possibility of converting these users into potential customers!


How to use the potential of SEO? (“Can I do it on my own?” NO you need a professional!)


The SEO activity applied to the Crypto world implies different phases of type both from an operational, strategic or analytical point of view.


In fact, an effective SEO strategy for a Crypto project is generally divided into two categories:


On-page SEO, the strategy to optimize the content, tags and internal links for the website of your project, which help you build your online presence.


This strategy is implemented by identifying keywords related to your project, optimizing content and creating hyperlinks with links to other websites,


Technical SEO, that is the strategy that deals with improving the technical structure of your site, helping search engines to better position themselves in searches.


It takes action by adding SSL certificates to make your site safer and improving the speed of uploading it, using compressed images and optimizing your site’s code using CSS and Javascript files.


Ultimately, we can say that SEO is a subject that can sometimes be complex but that, exploited to the best of its potential in the Crypto sector, can bring great results.


If you’re not an SEO expert, studying these strategies could take up a lot of time that you could use to develop and grow your project in other areas.


To make your Crypto project take off from an SEO perspective through a blog then, you may need someone who knows this industry, someone who will support you and follow you step by step in the development and growth of your project.


Crypto SEO: For you, a gift to make your project take off!


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